Note to families - Camp Summergold has full accreditation from the American Camp Association and abides by their policy standards. Our priority is your camper's safety. We can't guarantee your camper's personal happiness, but we strive to create a healthy and memorable camping experience for every participant. It is imperative that every camper feels included and safe in our camp community. To help us achieve this goal, please review the following policies: 

Tuition Refund Policy: A full tuition refund, minus the $150 deposit, will be given if requested by May 1. A 50% tuition will be given if requested between May 2 and May 15. No refunds will be given after May 15. Due to the seasonal nature of summer camping, there is no refund or credit for any portion of the camping period not completed including late arrival, early departure, dismissal for cause, illness or accident, disability or withdrawal for any reason.

Photo and Video Use Policy: Photos and videos taken during summer camp sessions and at the camp reunion are the property of Camp Summergold and can be used for promotional purposes, such as but not limited to print and online advertising, social media, public news releases, publicity, TV, advertisement, brochures, website, email or promotional videos. Any photograph or video used will exclude the identification of those appearing in the picture. No image that places any child in a defamatory or disrespectful light will be taken or used for any purpose. Names and addresses of campers and staff are the confidential property of Camp Summergold.

Cell Phone Policy: We have a no-cell phone policy consistent with those at other camps, as well as those in public/private schools. Cell phones brought to camp will be stored in the director’s office and can be used to call home as pre-arranged with the admin staff during the “check in” process. If a camper is found with a cell phone - she will be dismissed.

Communication Policy: Please advise your camper that there are many adults on our staff who will help her if an issue arises during her camp stay. Our directors, our camp nurse, our resident mentors, our counselor manager and our counselor staff are available to help your camper - but we can't help her or solve her problem unless she asks for help. Please advise your camper that she is strongly encouraged to say something if she is experiencing anything that makes her uncomfortable and we will do our best to solve the issue internally at the time of the event or we will reach out to parents/guardians.

Camp Summergold Directors agree to contact parents (by cell phone, text and email) if their camper is experiencing a challenge adjusting to or during camp.

Family members may reach out to campers through electronic _Camp Grams_ that can be purchased through the registration portal. All mail (email or postal) and packages will be delivered to your camper at meal times. 

Personal Property Policy:Campers may bring personal items to camp, but Camp Summergold is not responsible or liable for any personal property that is lost, stolen, or broken. Bunk management is a priority and we will do everything in our power to maintain neat bunk rooms.

Pool & Waterfront Policy: An indoor swimming pool and a small pond for paddle boats are available at The Leadership Center. Supervision is provided for all aquatic activities. A certified lifeguard is present for each open swim session, and emergency procedures are reviewed as part of the staff orientation process. The swimming pool area is locked when not in use.

A trained staff member is present for each paddle boat or fishing session. Flotation jackets are provided and must be worn by each participant while using the paddles boats. Appropriate safety precautions, and well-planned emergency procedures are discussed with each camper group as part of the camper orientation.

Transportation Policy:Van transportation – between Lincoln and Aurora - is available for purchase during the registration process. A rented van is used during the camp week to transport campers as needed. A counselor or staff member accompanies the driver and the campers in the vehicle which is equipped with first aid kits and emergency accessories.

Medical Policy: All health information shared is confidential and will not be disseminated outside of Camp Summergold management. 

In the event of a camper injury - the camper will receive immediate First Aid and the situation will be assessed by the camp health staff. Action will be taken following the terms of the Parent/Guardian Authorization for Health Care completed during the registration process. 

If the event is a camper health emergency - the camper will receive immediate First Aid and the situation will be assessed by the camp health staff. Action will be taken to transport the camper to the **Aurora Community Health Center, 1423 Seventh Street Aurora, NE 68818** by car or ambulance as indicated and parents will be notified as soon as possible.

Weather Policy: Our staff and the staff of The Leadership Center, use multiple weather apps to stay current with the weather. Programming will be altered to reflect heat indexes or impending storms.

Nut Aware Policy:We are a Nut-Aware camp but we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment. Please do not send any nut products to camp with your child.

Behavior & Dismissal Policy: Camp Summergold reserves the right to dismiss a camper without refund for any behavior that:  threatens or endangers the welfare or safety of any other person involved with Camp Summergold; Is disruptive to the overall camp environment; Or manifests any form of bullying of other campers or disrespectful behavior to camp authority. 

Camp Summergold emphasizes a safe, fun, and healthy camp environment that fosters learning and friendship. Appropriate camp behavior is essential for everyone involved.

Note to families: It is the rare case that any camper is sent home. We encourage parents to explain to their children that Camp Summergold is a private non-profit camp and we are not required to accept every camper application. Camper and family interviews during the registration process are meant to help both parties understand each other better.

Camp policy prohibits any camper who is dismissed for behavioral reasons from returning to camp the following year. In the event of a dispute, claim, or controversy relating to the terms of this Agreement or arising during or after a summer camp session, the Director will attempt to resolve the issue first through direct negotiation with the parent or guardian and, if unsuccessful, through mediation, with the parties sharing the costs thereof equally. In the event that the parties proceed to litigation, venue will be in a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of Nebraska and the laws of Nebraska will apply. If Camp prevails in the litigation, it will be entitled to recover any and all attorney’s fees and any other costs incurred, as well as any other relief granted by the court.