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To Parents and Campers,

There are a few important things campers or anyone else are NOT allowed to bring to camp.

Alcohol and Drugs: Campers are not allowed to bring or possess alcohol and drugs. If alcohol and drugs are discovered during camp, parents are called and campers will be dismissed from camp.  

ABOUT CELLPHONES: We have a no-cell phone policy at camp that imitates the same polices held at all other camps, public and private schools. Campers should leave all digital devices and cellphones at home. If they are brought to camp they will need to be collected and safely stored in the camp's office so that they aren't lost or used inappropriately. 

Digital devices: Don't bring - Tablets, Notebooks, Apple watches, Hand held gaming consoles, or any other unapproved digital devices. (See approved digital devices.) 

Weapons: Campers may not possess any weapons. Possession or use of firearms; including, but not limited to rifles, handguns, BB guns, air rifles, paint ball guns, sling shots, water balloon slingshots are strictly prohibited.

Chemicals: Chemicals on campus are prohibited. 

Sports equipment: Campers should not bring sports equipment to camp. There are no programmed sports activities that require safety protections.

Animals: Animals and pets are not allowed.

Please email if you have questions or concerns to

Thank you,

Camp Summergold Directors