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  • "My daughter stayed in touch with wonderful new friends that she met at camp during the year. She has felt more self-confident and willing to take on projects by herself. She enjoyed all of the activites and enjoyed staying overnight for the first time! She got to try new things she had not experienced before camp." - Lori Curtis (parent)
  • “It was a totally different camp experience from others available.  They were able to be introspective and learn about themselves—their strengths, weaknesses, self-discovery and what makes them special.  Young girls have so many pressures today to look pretty and fit in.  Camp Summergold helped these girls feel pretty and stand out!” - Catina Tongish (parent)
  • "She loved the art projects and the downtime. I think the variety of activities offered was wonderful!" - Jerri Van Horn (parent)
  • “At camp I learned to be a better person, to love myself more and to love other people.” - Emma (2014 camper)
  • "Wow. This camp is teaching high level methods of spotting demeaning messages in the media and how to dispel them with their own strengths and goals. And that's just DAY ONE. This would have saved me 20 years of trial and error and feeling like I was alone in my hunch that my individuality was my best quality in the creative industry. Camp Summergold is fearless." -- Lincolnite and Illustrator Andrea M. Davis
  • "I am positively tearful with happiness at the awesome activities and learning experiences Summergold girls are having! - Ariadne V. Schemm (parent)
2017 returning campers.