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Going to summer camp allows your child to unplug from technology.

Quite possibly the biggest benefit is shutting off your cell phone, closing your laptop, and getting away from technology.  At Camp, Facebook turns into real faces and authentic human interaction -something we all desperately need.  A recent study by Neilson Media Research showed that teenage girls send and receive an average of 4,000 texts per month.  Camp is an instant remedy to this ever growing “technology epidemic.”  

Going to summer camp allows your child to be around positive role models who have a substantial impact on your child’s decision making throughout the year.

One of the biggest benefits to summer camp is having positive college-aged counselors who play a vital role into pouring their time and love into the kids.  Even though our summer camp only lasts from one week, that week of getting to hang out with a positive role model can have a huge impact throughout the year. At Camp Summergold, we make it a point to keep our camper to counselor ratio low (6 campers to every 1 counselor) so that our counselors can invest more time and make this difference.  

Going to summer camp allows your kids to enjoy the simple things in life.

Going to summer camp allows your child to spread their independent wings.

Going to summer camp allows children to experience nature in a new way.

Going to summer camp allows your children to develop life-long friendships and memories second to none.


Camper Quote

"Friendship grows like a flower" - Leila Alohaid (15)