Terms and Conditions: Payment & Refund Policy

Terms & Conditions: All payments are refundable prior to May 1, 2017. After May 1, 2017 refunds (except for the $150 deposit) are at the discretion of the Camp Summergold Directors. Tuition is not subject to a refund for late arrival, early departure, refunds after camp, or the dismissal of a camper due to misconduct or violation of camp policies (including cell phone policy). When it shall serve the best interest of the camp, the Directorate reserves the sole right to terminate the camper's attendance at the camp either before or during the camp session and any such termination will result in no refund of tuition. Past Due or overdue accounts are subject to finance charges at a rate of 18% annually (1.5%/month).  You acknowledge by enrolling your child that non-refunded tuition payments, any subsequent installment payments including fees and interest on past due or overdue accounts constitute reasonable liquidated damages and not a penalty, and you waive any right to assert the contrary. If tuition or fees are not paid in full for the camper, you will be liable for all costs of collection including attorney's fees.