Camp Summergold Founders Rhonda Lake and Judy Hart believe camp

  • is a special place where girls can feel good about themselves
  • is a safe environment to try new things
  • is a creative place dedicated to independence and making new friends
  • a focused place for reflection & brainstorming

Our goals for each camper are:

  • Enhanced self esteem and confidence
  • Increased social and leadership skills
  • Elevated desire to try new things
  • Increased integrity, honesty, and restraint
  • Improved empathy and cultural awareness

Camp Summergold provides opportunities for girls to work directly with our directors, staff, coaches and community leaders in the ARTS and STEM fields..



Rhonda loves helping young people discover their potential.

According to StrengthsFinder(R) her top 5 strengths are: Connectedness, Learner, Intellection, Harmony & Input.


Judy is proud to call herself an artist.

According to StrengthsFinder(R) her top 5 strengths are: Includer, Arranger, Responsibility, Adaptability & Relator.